Conference Publications

  1. Robust Cross-Lingual Hypernymy Detection Using Dependency Context
    Shyam Upadhyay*, Yogarshi Vyas*, Marine Carpuat, and Dan Roth
    In NAACL, 2018.
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  2. Looking Beyond the Surface: A Challenge Set For Reading Comprehension over Multiple Sentences
    Daniel Khashabi, Snigdha Chaturvedi, Michael Roth, Shyam Upadhyay, and Dan Roth
    In NAACL, 2018.
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  3. (Almost) Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Spoken Language Understanding
    Shyam Upadhyay, Manaal Faruqui, Gokhan Tür, Dilek Hakkani-Tür, and Larry Heck
    In ICASSP, 2018.
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  4. CogcompNLP: Your Swiss Army Knife for NLP
    Daniel Khashabi, Mark Sammons, Ben Zhou, Tom Redman, Christos Christodoulopoulos, Vivek Srikumar, Nicholas Rizzolo, et al.
    In LREC, 2018.
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  5. Annotating Derivations: A New Evaluation Strategy and Dataset for Algebra Word Problems
    Shyam Upadhyay and Ming-Wei Chang
    In EACL, 2017.
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  6. Revisiting the Evaluation for Cross Document Event Coreference
    Shyam Upadhyay, Nitish Gupta, Christos Christodoulopoulos, and Dan Roth
    In COLING, 2016.
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  7. Learning from Explicit and Implicit Supervision Jointly For Algebra Word Problems
    Shyam Upadhyay, Ming-Wei Chang, Kai-Wei Chang, and Wen-tau Yih
    In EMNLP, 2016.
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  8. Cross-Lingual Models of Word Embeddings: An Empirical Comparison
    Shyam Upadhyay, Manaal Faruqui, Chris Dyer, and Dan Roth
    In ACL, 2016.
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  9. Equation Parsing : Mapping Sentences to Grounded Equations
    Subhro Roy, Shyam Upadhyay, and Dan Roth
    In EMNLP, 2016.
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  10. Cross-Lingual Dataless Classification for Many Languages
    Yangqiu Song, Shyam Upadhyay, Haoruo Peng, and Dan Roth
    In IJCAI, 2016.
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  11. Structural Learning with Amortized Inference
    Kai-Wei Chang, Shyam Upadhyay, Gourab Kundu, and Dan Roth
    In AAAI, 2015.
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Workshop Publications

  1. Beyond Bilingual: Multi-Sense Word Embeddings Using Multilingual Context
    Shyam Upadhyay, Kai-Wei Chang, Matt Taddy, Adam Kalai, and James Zou
    In Workshop on Repl4NLP, 2017.
    Best Paper Award proof link bibtex
  2. A Consolidated Open Knowledge Representation For Multiple Texts
    Rachel Wities, Vered Shwartz, Gabriel Stanovsky, Meni Adler, Ori Shapira, Shyam Upadhyay, Dan Roth, Eugenio Martinez Camara, Iryna Gurevych, and Ido Dagan
    In LSDSem, 2017.
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  3. "Making the News": Identifying Noteworthy Events In News Articles
    Shyam Upadhyay, Christos Christodoulopoulos, and Dan Roth
    In The 4th Workshop on EVENTS, 2016.
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  4. Distributed Training of Structured SVM
    Ching-pei Lee, Kai-Wei Chang, Shyam Upadhyay, and Dan Roth
    In OPT Workshop at NIPS, 2015.
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  5. The University of Illinois Submission to the WMT 2015 Shared Translation Task
    Lane Schwartz, Bill Bryce, Chase Geigle, Sean Massung, Yisi Liu, Haoruo Peng, Vignesh Raja, Subhro Roy, and Shyam Upadhyay
    In 10th Workshop on Statistical Machine Translation, 2015.
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  6. Overview of UI-CCG Systems for Event Argument Extraction, Entity Discovery and Linking, and Slot Filler Validation
    Mark Sammons, Yangqiu Song, Ray Wang, Gourab Kundu, Chen-Tse Tsai, Shyam Upadhyay, Stephen Mayhew, Dan Roth, and Siddarth Ancha
    In TAC, 2014.
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  7. Illinois CCG TAC 2015 Event Nugget, Entity Discovery and Linking, and Slot Filler Validation Systems
    Mark Sammons, Haoruo Peng, Yangqiu Song, Shyam Upadhyay, Chen-Tse Tsai, Pavankumar Reddy, Subhro Roy, and Dan Roth
    In TAC, 2015.
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  1. IllinoisSL: A JAVA Library for Structured Prediction
    Kai-Wei Chang, Shyam Upadhyay, Ming-Wei Chang, Vivek Srikumar, and Dan Roth
    In Arxiv Preprint, Vol. abs/1509.07179, 2015.
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